Hawaii lessons – cont’d.

I’ve lost track of the times I have spent sitting in the sand or on a rock enjoying the ocean, whether in Hawaii or along our SF coastline. Our Hawaii trip once again offered me time alone to enjoy the sea while Rick and Lalo explored. I found a great spot on a ledge next to a sweet yellow lighthouse and spent time with God contemplating my life. 

Ninini Point LIghthouse in Kauai

Something about the ocean, especially if the sun is shining on the water, transports me, opens my senses fully, and helps me take stock. It’s easy to move quickly through my busy days, forgetting to appreciate all the little things that make my life… I feel compelled to add a few words to the end of that sentence, but I realize “make my life” says it all. 

In May of 2018, I was on a different Hawaiian beach with Rick taking pictures that we thought might work as a cover for Lessons of a Wayward Yogini. That was before I hired a cover designer. Those pictures instead became the banner for my FB business page. The book was in its infant stages at that time. How quickly four years have passed. Sitting on this current bluff, I offered heartfelt thanks for what has transpired since then. 

And I also marveled at the passage of time. I realized by chance that having that memory of the trip in 2018 marking time was instrumental in taking inventory of my life. It gave my journey parameters and helped me understand how much I have accomplished, what I may have left behind or discarded along the way, and how important it is that I continue to look forward and plan. 

I’m not sure what experiences in my life helped create my mindset. I’ve always been hyper-sensitive about making the best of my time, careful not to take for granted the experience of everyday life, and remaining very cognizant that there but for the grace of God go I in terms of the many horrific experiences that life can offer. 

Maybe it was a combination of growing up with my parents, my years working in the courts, and the stories I heard in Ron Martinez’s therapy group over ten years, I’ll never know; but somewhere along the line, I began to hold myself accountable to appreciate my life, every single day of it, good or bad, happy or sad. 

That mindset has dictated my decisions likely since my early 40s. I haven’t always made the easiest choices, but I’ve made them with an honest heart and the need to lead my life to the fullest. It’s not for everyone; I’m pretty confident of that. But at this point, I wouldn’t change the trajectory of my life for anything.

As I sat on the shoreline on this latest trip, my heart was probably fuller than ever, and that’s saying a lot. And once again, I heard myself saying, “Alright, Susie girl, what’s next? Don’t dally too long; your days are numbered and precious.” 

Please understand I don’t mean “numbered” like a threat hanging overhead. I consider it simply a reality. All of my days since birth have been numbered. This is nothing new. But as I age, I feel the gravity of that reality nipping at my heels. And that’s okay; I’m not complaining. Sadly I’ve lost a few friends that probably would have loved becoming 66, understanding that time is slipping by.

Instead, what this means to me, is that now more than ever, I need to appreciate my time, plan wisely, and stay grateful. I’d like to revisit Hawaii again in the next few years to take stock and perhaps make that a continued practice… any excuse to return to the islands 🙂

And what will I be hoping for in that passage of time before my next trip? I’d like to publish another book and blog and continue my love affair with writing. I’d love to become a grandmother, but I’m not really thinking that lines up with the next few years. And that’s okay. But it’s on my bucket list.

Most importantly, I’d appreciate spending lots of time with my loved ones, healthy, happy, and thriving. At this time on earth, it’s impossible not to understand that is the ultimate gift.


  1. I agree or is important to take every day as gift. Once again you expressed the beauty of a different stage of life. My motto is laugh often, love hard and live well. Bless you my dear friend.

    • Blessing right back to you!

  2. I have been to Hawaii and Kuwaii twice. There is a special vibe there. For me it made me feel lighter, freed from my everyday woes. I loved that it sprinkled every early afternoon. Like the air was continually being cleansed. At 73 with 11 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren I can tell you the best is yet to come. Great to hear maybe another book! I want to be on the pre-order list! I think I still take a lot of time for granted. I heard a mantra of sorts in my freshman philosophy class. Do every day that at the end of your day you can say “I have not wasted this day”. Thank you once again for sharing your inner thoughts. It helps get to know you better and is so very much in alignment with your book. Is that you sitting on the rocks? The photos are awesome and awe inspiring. Have a day filled with lots of love in it. When it comes down to the nitty gritty “love is all you need”. Shout out to the Beatles. Take care Sue.

    • Vicki,
      I love hearing you say the best is yet to come! Thanks for also sharing your mantra. Yes, that is me on the rocks. The view that day was simply amazing, and I was lucky enough to spend about 30 minutes enjoying the sun dancing off the water. What a sight! Love the Beatles, just finished watching Get Back on Disney, really enjoyed it! Was worth signing up for Disney just to see that series. I also appreciate your feedback on my blogs. It’s such fun to hear from readers! Take care and have a great weekend!

  3. Oh, how this reminds me of our trip there 13 years ago. A special time on many points. But one point that stands out was you two. Your inspiration to make it to the activities we enjoyed made it possible. Even under the extream difficulties we (Deb and I) were facing. I will never forget the time spent in that earthly paradise. Pretty sure I thanked you then but want to thank again for wonderful memories. Love you guys.

    • Clay, thank you for your kind words. We actually reminisced on this trip about that lovely experience with you guys, and even revisited the fern grotto with the gang since they had never seen it before. We definitely were thinking about you and Debbie throughout this trip, feeling very grateful for those wonderful experiences together.
      We love you too!

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