The reset

A few mornings ago, greeting the day making my way out to the kitchen, my day took a turn for the worse. That phrase would beg reconsideration by the end of the day. Stay with me… 

Rick had just finished his breakfast at our cute little stool slot in the kitchen counter, which he frequently eats at if I’m only having a shake or hurrying to walk with my neighborhood buddies! I gave him a hug and a kiss and started to walk away as he let out a disturbing sound. I turned around to see him in distress. 

It seems I’m a screamer. Oh my God, how I wish I wasn’t. What good does it do to scream? While I understand that, my mouth just has a mind of its own, and out comes the scream. As Rick made his way to the floor, I took control of my senses and stopped screaming. Good girl. 

Seeing this pillar of strength lying on the floor was a first for me. Thankfully he was breathing and talking, and his color was good, so I could take comfort from these facts. But he was not going to be able to lift himself from the floor, not even his head. Our 911 phone responder was terrific. He helped me feel as though I was not alone in terms of caring for Rick, talking me through the experience, even looking out for our animals, telling me to lock them up so that the first responders could enter without endangering the animals. 

And the first responders were just as exceptional. Within minutes we had six to eight angels in our home taking fantastic care of Rick and me. If anyone thinks there is only one patient to care for, that’s a misnomer. There is the patient and then the family, who may be much needier.

In short order, it was determined that they would need to transport Rick to the hospital. I would close up the house and follow behind.  I had faith that they would transport Rick safely on his journey to the awaiting hospital staff.

Following through the canyon in pursuit of this man who makes my days lying in an ambulance on his way to the hospital felt a little surreal. I worked on restoring my breath as I rhythmically took each turn, right to left, left to right, decidedly no music on this journey as it felt like a distraction. There seemed only enough room in my car for me and God and the trees that guided me down the canyon. By the time I had reached the bridge, I had managed to find a calmness of sorts, the best I would accomplish under the circumstances.

A few hours later, when I sat next to Rick in the ER, finally able to hold his hand between the sidebars on the ER bed, all I could think about was how good his soft, warm hand felt. His mind was sound, his heart was strong, and all he had was an inner ear problem, vertigo. And that’s not to downplay vertigo, but of the possibilities that were being discussed, vertigo was the best choice!

I have been crying tears of gratitude ever since. I also have been reminded of the importance of the reset

Unfortunately, I’ve met a few roadblocks in my life and also had bridges wholly washed away. There is a significant difference. How I think of the reset is that my road wasn’t washed away. I was luckily just reminded of how important my life is and those who inhabit my world. 

The reset, it seems, is not a turn for the worse; instead, it is nothing short of a blessing.


  1. Wow, Sue, that must have been so scary for you and Rick. Thank goodness the outcome wasn’t worse. What kind of treatment is there for vertigo? I hope Rick is feeling better. We’d still love to see both of you when the time is right.

    • Thanks, Lisa! Rick is feeling much better, thankfully! Different treatments which we are looking into. We haven’t given up on our goal of seeing you guys for a visit soon! I will be in touch once I know when we might be coming down!

  2. Oh my goodness. I am so sorry for both of you, what a scare. Vertigo is awful but I am so glad it was worse. Sending love and hugs to both of you.

    • Thank you, Lynn! We are very grateful!

  3. OH Sue. I’m so happy it wasn’t anything worse. Take care of yourself and Rick. May the bottom line be a successful recovery.!


    • Thank you, RuthAnn! All has been well since, so hopefully that will continue!

  4. Thank goodness our dear Rick is back to his usual self! That was indeed a scary day, waiting and waiting to hear positive news. Just so you know, we were ready to jump in the car at a moment’s notice.

    • I know that, and was comforted by that thought, trust me! Thank you for being such amazing friends!

    • Wow Sissy, so upsetting. I can only imagine how scary that experience was for you and for Rick too! Sounds like whatever it is that it is not life threatening! You said it best…. It is a reminder to cherish what we have! Sending both of you big hugs!🤗🤗💕

      • Thank you, Sissy. We are grateful for the reminder, and moving forward! xoxo

  5. Oh gosh Sue I was so afraid to keep reading, but figured if you were posting this it all turned out alright!! But yes we just never know, and must embrace every moment! Vertigo is not fun either,but glad that is all it was🙏🏻
    Ok March on my friend, we must all keep calm and carry on 🙏🏻❤️

    • Pam, I must take a lesson from your response, and remember to begin my post with a disclaimer that all is well before I head into my story 🙂 Thank you my sweet friend 🙂

  6. I am glad to hear he will be okay. Virtigo can be so awful. Dan has had it a few times and he seems to be okay…lol sending lots of hugs and good wishes

    • Thank you Maria for those hugs and good wishes. We welcome them! All good at this point!

  7. I’m so glad Rick is ok. Vertigo is not a fun thing to get. I get it a couple times but not what Rick went through . Keeping you in my prayers ❤️🙏❤️

    • Thank you, Linda! Rick recovered quickly, only a bit dizzy the following day, and nothing since, fingers crossed. We are learning about vertigo and hopefully will be much better equipped if it occurs a next time! I hope you are doing well! We need to schedule a mini reunion sometime soon, now that restrictions are lifting. xoxo

  8. So good to hear he recovering well and not did not experience something more serious. I am currently dealing with a pretty mild case of vertigo, so this news hits close to home. (Something in the foothills air?)
    Give Rick our best wishes and take care of yourself as well.

    • Thank you John! And sorry to hear you too are dealing with a case of vertigo, glad it is mild. Rick and I are jokesters, always. We make light of most situations if at all possible. My favorite saying last week to Rick was, “I don’t want to see you lying on the ground any time again soon.!” I’m learning from the responses to my post that this is fairly common for many in our age group. Is there anything you do in particular to help alleviate your symptoms? I may need to post about this issue asking for remedies.
      Stay well! And hugs to Gail.

  9. Gosh, even though I already knew about his from your text, you’re spot on with the title to your post here. This reminds me of the time Dennis fell out of his chair at the restaurant due to cardiac arrest, and while I don’t think I screamed, I was an absolute mess. I’m glad this wasn’t that and things are getting better. It’s not a day or event that I think I’ll ever forget as it’s all quite clear in my head, and I’m thankful for the two women that were next to us that knew how to perform CPR until the paramedics arrived. What you write here is just another reminder to me that putting off getting together is not really an option no matter the cost! I think the last time we saw each other was January 2020 right before the pandemic for the TRMG Xmas get together, right?

    • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thanks for your response!

  10. Holy crap I just read this and felt horrible until I found out it was only vertigo. I think 1 million times of reaching out and seeing old friends like Rick we spent so many good years together to be a shame not to touch base one more time at least. Glad you were there for him Sue is a great guy. Hope to see you guys in class reunion I don’t live that far away I live in Granite Bay would love to get together sometime. I’m glad everything is going in the right direction take care and God bless.

    • Randy,
      Thanks so much for kind message! It’s great to hear from you. I shared your message with Rick, and I’m sure he will be reaching out separately! Hoping for a get together soon!

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