What is my book about?

I’m realizing lately that likely people are reading these posts that do not know what my book is about. Here is the long-winded explanation.

I’ve been talking about this project for some time now (understatement?)—over two years, to be precise. I began my blog Tales of a Wayward Yogini in February of 2018 and started working on this book about a year later. My initial thought was that I could convert the blog posts into a book. I’d heard of authors creating books from articles first released in newspapers. Armistead Maupin was one such writer. He published nine books entitled Tales of the City; the stories were first released in the San Francisco Chronicle and later the Examiner. Not that I was trying to compare myself to Armistead, but if he could do it, why couldn’t I?

I remember the first time I spoke to my editor Dennis on the phone presenting the idea for my book. My fingers and toes were crossed that he would give me the thumbs up on the project. He did. In hindsight, our conversation left out a great deal. But it succeeded in cementing our union to remain together until death do us part or the publication of my book, whichever came first. I’m sure there were many times Dennis would have chosen the death scenario, but happily we have arrived at the publication of my book. I am saving a blog post just for Dennis coming soon.

We signed the necessary papers and began reasonably quickly. The first significant concern Dennis presented was that my thinking was slightly skewed in turning my posts into a book. I argued that a whole universe out there had not read my blog, so the book would be for those souls. He educated me that the book needed to be for my current readers, first and foremost, as they would likely be many of the people buying my book. And why would they want to buy a book full of posts they had already read? (Hmm, good point.)

Luckily, he presented an idea that would change the course of the book and eliminate that problem. What if I started over, went back through the posts, and rewrote them from the perspective of the lessons I had learned during that time instead of just sharing tales? I saw value in his proposal, both for my readers but also from a personal perspective. I agreed immediately. We adopted the new title Lessons of a Wayward Yogini, and the rewrite began.

What had I learned in the few years since my mom had passed? It turns out, a great deal. It’s true what they say, the year after the passing of a loved one is a tumultuous one, full of regret, sorrow, anger, understanding, forgiving, healing and in the end, hopefully gratitude for the blessing of the time together. Throw in a few health concerns, aging, and the loss of employment, and you’ve got a better picture of the story. I chose to use yoga as my backdrop, which in hindsight, was a great choice. Yoga prompted a great deal of personal change and healing.

In Lessons of a Wayward Yogini, I do my best to share the treasures I took away from these few years. We all have similar lessons to learn in life. I think it’s nice when we can offer our experiences as an outstretched hand. I certainly have had my fair share of hands to grasp onto as I moved through the darkness at different stages of my life.

Lessons of a Wayward Yogini, in short, concentrates on the issues we baby boomers find ourselves facing, health, fitness, aging, elder care, job security, retirement and learning to navigate our senior years. I hope to meet many of you on pages of Lessons of a Wayward Yogini.


  1. I can’t wait to read your book. I do enjoy your blogs and look forward to each new one. We have traveled some incredible, sad, happy and fun filled roads together and our friendship has endured for many years. I can wait read about your insight on life.

    • We sure have, Lynn! I am beyond grateful for all of those experiences and for our friendship.

  2. sweet picture of your mom….. I see I need to buy your book!

    • I will save you a copy for sure!

  3. Your writings have mimicked many of my own personal challenges with family, aging, and lifelong lessons. Having your words to lean on has been comforting and validating! I can’t wait for your book! And for your success in becoming an “official” author. So proud of you for following your aspirations!!! Keep your eye on the ball Sissy!!!!

    • Thanks, Lorene. We have learned a great deal from each other throughout the years. I hope to continue that exchange for many more! Love you!

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