The passage of time

The passage of time can be a blessing, or it can be a curse. In most cases, it depends on my point of view. I can make an argument for almost any position. But as the years pass me by, perhaps because I no longer harbor the confidence of my youth thinking life is everlasting, I find the passage of time, my friend. I have learned a patience I did not possess in my younger days. It’s not that I don’t still manage to make my way to impatience, but it’s easier to let go of the older I become. 

An unpleasant impatient thought these days gets met with that inner voice asking if I want to waste time angry and frustrated, or whether there might be something more important or positive I could be putting my energy toward. And the fantastic thing is that there always is something better to think about. My inner drama just seems to slip away without much effort. I find myself able to take a bird’s eye view of myself (wow, I didn’t realize I was quite so short). 

I am content for what the universe shares with me daily, and I’m thankful for the passage of time, otherwise known as my life. Every morning as I awake next to the man who makes my days sweet, with the rest of my loved ones tucked in my heart, I try my best not to take the day for granted. 

Had I only had the benefit of this peacefulness in my youth… aww, but I would have missed out on so much drama. And let’s face it, drama has its place in life. I believe it’s how we learn some of our most important lessons.

But as I enter a new phase of my life, I seem to have lost my grip on drama somewhat like Rose and Jack on the bridge of the Titanic, minus the emotion. Quietly, peacefully, and ever so gently, I have released my grasp, and the freedom is intoxicating. It leaves room for new people and senior adventures (they are a bit different than in my youth) but just as rewarding. I have time to stop and watch tiny brilliant blue dragonflies on the edge of the pool as I swim my laps, and nurture my sweet nieces when I’m blessed to spend time with them. I can finally leisurely enjoy time with my adult children soaking in the amazing people I had the great fortune to bring into the world.

And I feel content to take my time publishing my upcoming book (even though it will arrive in the spring of 2020 as opposed to 2019.) But as I told my editor last week, the journey is in many cases more rewarding than the destination. I have enjoyed every minute of writing this book, and I plan to enjoy every minute of publishing it. I do not need to rush it. The fact is, I’d rather not.

I’ll need to have my artist replace a few numbers on my advertising material, just changing the Spring of 2019 to 2020, another passage of time which I will count my lucky stars for.

In the meantime, I will enjoy the upcoming months, the blessing of another season, time to blog and enjoy the approaching holidays, the joy of fall and the welcome of winter on its heels.

Endless… blessings… endless… second chances…

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