For quite some time I’ve wanted to write a blog, but have bogged down on the topic of what to write about?  I think a blog should have a purpose, an interesting topic, and a finite period of time, for my sake and maybe the reader’s as well. ( All good things must come to an end, right?)

I’ve recently decided to take on one of my larger physical/spiritual challenges in decades …  (if you don’t count buying our new house and painting all 2300 square feet of the inside by ourselves, including 38 windows with casings … but I digress, and if you want to read this blog, something you might want to get used to.  Breathe, Sue … focus) … and I’m thinking hey, maybe this endeavor I am beginning is something that would be great to blog about.

My challenge is that I’m taking a yoga teacher training class, 200 hours, over a six week period.  Class meets every weekend, Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays all day. (on top of my full time job … just sayin’)

I have no doubt that this class will stretch me in ways I’m not even envisioning, (no pun intended) and from everything I’ve heard about the training, it transforms one both physically and spiritually.  It seems to me a great experience to blog about, in hopes that it may serve as an inspiration to others, and if nothing else, help me chronicle what I am experiencing as I travel through the process.

So for those of you who don’t know me, let me share a bit of my tapestry.

My name is Sue, and I’m a 62 year old woman, wife, mother, and retired daughter, as of August of last year. I adore my family, love being a home maker, and cherish my time in nature.  I work full time for Virgin America as a customer service agent on phones and have been in that position for the last four years.  You know the person who takes all the complaints?  That’s me.  (That’s reason enough to do yoga, trust me.)  But my position is ending as of May 2nd, due to the purchase of Virgin America by Alaska Air.  So I will find myself at a cross roads in May.

Let me add another significant fact about this new life waiting in the balance, my dear 99-year old mother (really, dear doesn’t quite fit her, but amazing does) passed away last August, so I am still getting used to this new freedom in my life.  An only child, my mom and I spent a great deal of time in the last few years on her journey to the great beyond.  When she passed, I pledged to myself to honor both her and I, that I would get back to all the things I’d yearned to do in the last ten years, but especially the last three years …  hike, yoga, swim, write and garden. My mom’s passing was, as strange as it sounds, a healing peaceful experience for both of us, I believe.  And while I miss her, her passing brought a sense of peace, for she has been released from her pain, and in turn so have I.  I know she is looking down on me cheering me on, I can feel it.

So, what does one do with a discharge, so to speak, from both one’s job and elder care?  I’ve got lots of ideas I plan to pursue, but this blog will be about one in particular, and that’s taking a yoga teacher training class.

My mom’s place was just a few blocks from a yoga studio I’d been eyeing thinking I would one day be able to join.  During our few years in the foothills, that day never came as my mom’s needs grew quickly , so when she did pass, I decided that the hours I had spent going back and forth to my moms could now be used to get back to yoga, as well as other interests.

When I did begin classes low and behold, they just happened to have a teacher training class coming up early February.

I’ve come to believe in the universe … whenever you put out a desire, if you pay close attention, mother nature offers it up.

For the few months after my mom’s passing, I’d been saying to my husband, Rick, I want to be a yoga instructor.  This is funny, since I’ve only been slightly practicing yoga at home for the last few years.  And I mean really SLIGHTLY.  Rick, seriously, is a dream.  “Really, honey, that sounds great.”  This man encourages me at every turn, and I thank God for him every day of my life.

As encouraging as he is, I still usually still manage to see things clearly, and I know as I wax on about being a yoga instructor, that I’m not up to that physically at this point.  But in my defense what I am really thinking about is my entire life, not just the last ten years of physical decline, but the many years before that I DID practice yoga, by God, and that I always loved yoga and also loved working with others to achieve their goals.  And I know in my soul that that Sue is not beyond reach.  She just needs that rescue rope thrown down.   She will find a way to grasp hold.

With that thinking in mind, and being the believer I am in manifesting, I think when I see the website offering the teacher training class, well by golly, (my favorite aunt used to always say by golly, so I love that saying, no matter how out of date it is) see, here it is.  Meant to be.  Sign me up.  Paid in full.  Committed.  A little frightened, but committed.  (Did I not notice that I can’t even still touch my toes when bending over?)

And well, as long as I’m committing to scary stuff, why not commit to the blog as well since it appeals to me as a great topic for a blog?

And that’s where we begin this adventure.  My class starts on February 2nd.  And my meet and greet with fellow classmates is January 26th, this Friday.

I hope you can join me on my journey.  I have lots more to say, but let’s save that for the next blog entry.


I will close by saying, welcome (And Namaste, I need to start saying that from what I have gathered.)

God willing …  this is going to be something really special.