That Devil in your Ear

A few preliminary comments before I delve into yoga topics.  First, this morning,  just wanted to wish my dearest Lorene a happy birthday.  Make it a good one, sissy.
Second topic on my list, my mate, Paul S ( stepped up to represent and welcomed me to the UK a few days ago, which was wonderful.  And I’m not complaining (just sayin’) it’s still just me and Paul.  Where are the rest of my peeps?  And, I mean, I love Paul S, don’t get me wrong, nothing against Paul, he’s a fabulous bloke, really.  But I’m feeling a bit gutted as I was just thinking it would be a larger turnout for my homecoming.
But you know the saying, when God closes one door, somewhere he opens a window (or in this case, when he only opens a door by a smidgen and you can’t seem to fit in because you weigh too much … okay, digressing again) well, my new yoga buddy and fellow blogger in Asia,, on the other hand has brought me a few new friends, so thank you, and Namaste.
It’s all good, and I am so enjoying writing this blog.  I probably will say this a lot throughout my posts, but your comments and likes mean more than I can say.  I can’t respond during my work hours, but do try to follow up later in my day.  I tuck your responses away until I can spend some time, and they feel like tiny presents waiting for me at the end of my work day.  It feels almost tangible.  Amazing.
My hope is that amidst the joking, that we can connect on some of the serious topics I touch on, weight, health, stress, etc.  Your responses bring us all closer to realizing that none of us are alone, and that at the end of the day, we are all human, with strengths and weaknesses.  When we begin to let go of our fear of discussing a problem, we find that there are so many people with exactly the same issues feeling exactly the same way as we do.  For me, at least, that helps me take that deep breath and really look at the problem and begin finally to address it.  So, please continue to share your thoughts.
On to yoga. I attended class Wednesday night, one final class before our training starts.  Feeling a little like when I’m going to the dentist and I get so much better about flossing the two weeks before my appointment.  (Yeah, the dentist doesn’t notice, right?)
During class my anxiety about the training was definitely starting to kick in (or maybe that was just the yogi’s foot next to me, was a pretty crowded class.)  That voice in my head can be so negative.  (hey lady, you in the last row, can you put a cork in it!  We heard you the first five times you said it.)
I mean, really, I’m sure I’m not alone on this … when I start to obsess or stress about something, my inner voice just keeps repeating the same thing like in minute intervals, and it’s such a negative dialogue.  In class Wednesday night I got really tired, and I needed to rest.  Instead of being nurturing and kind like I would be to anyone else, that devilish dialogue starts in, “I don’t think you’re ready for this training.  Oh, yeah, the teacher must be looking at you thinking, sweetheart, you are NOT ready for the training class.   What were you thinking when you signed up for this class?  And aside from that, you really should floss more.”
I got to laughing at myself the other day because I was thinking, man, if I talked to my loved ones or friends (hopefully they are one and the same) like I talk to myself, repeating the same negative things over and over again A) they’d be having thoughts about my short-term memory problem, and B) they probably wouldn’t be my loved ones for long.
Ever since I had that comical visual, I’ve been more cognizant of that inner dialogue, and turning it off a bit sooner.  Bottom line, it’s usually just fear getting the better of me.  And if I can consciously bring a positive thought in disrupting the negative flow, it’s pretty effective.
So, on that note, I’ve prepared myself with some positive thoughts that I will keep handy beginning tonight.
Bloody good job, Sue.  You are blinding (not too sure about that one, bringing up a bad image)  but supposedly blinding is a good thing. Brilliant job!  What an Ace.  Cheers, you should be chuffed managing to do that pose.  Hunky-dory, little mate.
It’s just important that I show my peeps that I’m serious about being British.  And in the not too distant future I will be a lot smaller and I’m planning to slide through that crack in the door.  I just hope Paul S is not the only Brit welcoming me.
As always, thanks for sharing.  Send a positive thought my way the next few days.  Will be back next week to share my experience.  You all have a wonderful weekend.  I know I will.

I've Got Mail

This may sound crazy, but I missed you these past two days.  Blogging is amazing.  I knew I would enjoy writing the blog, as writing is always something I love doing, but what I didn’t anticipate was how much the connection with others would affect me.
I’ve reconnected with old friends I haven’t talked with in years, so nice.   People I’ve never met have sent encouragement or confided something of their own, amazing.  And then there’s my friends I do keep in touch with regularly, but not on a daily basis, and it’s just so phenomenal enjoying your camaraderie and support. 
Truly, I’m like a kid. If I pass my phone or the computer, I just can’t help myself, I’ve got to take a peak.  Has anyone else read the blog since I last passed by my computer (five minutes ago)?  Do I have a new follower? 
Oh, and can I just tell you when there is something in my inbox, whatever form it takes, I feel like Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail (actually one of my favorite movies.)  Remember the AOL ring, air sound, and familiar male voice saying “You’ve got Mail.”  The updated version is much quicker, a little number in the corner of your computer screen or on your telephone.  A simple little number, but boy, it raises my heart rate, puts a smile on my face and leaves me walking on air. 
Unlike the doctor visit, this story isn’t so much about the numbers, but what that number represents, and that’s you, whoever you are, reading my blog at this moment.  The uniting of souls is powerful stuff.  If we ever find a way to harness it, we will surely light the world. 
So let me tell you, I’ve done some traveling this past week.  My blog has been to China, Peru, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, and France.  Amazing, right?  But I just have to ask, where are my peeps?  (England, no warm welcome for your new little Brit?  Is that an okay term or is that politically incorrect? I’d hate to start off on a bad foot.  So much to learn about being British.) 
Abi, if you’re out there, you need to share my blog on your FB page and then tell your sister and father to read it.  I need to make my way home to my peeps.
And speaking about sharing my blog, the blog site does break down my stats, referrals, etc., and I can see that it isn’t only Rick who shares my posts on his FB page (God bless him) but others have as well, which is probably how I’ve made it to such distant places so quickly, so thank you for that. 
One quick side note, today we went to Lodi to our favorite winery,  Klinkerbrick.  On the way down as we passed the Lodi airport, the sky was littered with brightly colored parachutes, probably 12-15 brave souls sailing down from the heavens.  It was an amazing sight and made me smile.  (Universe can be so persistent when you are trying to ignore its messages.)  I have to say seeing the number of people in the sky made me think, I can do that.  It’s what I’m talking about in this blog … connection with others.  Makes all things seem possible.
I did attend my meet and greet Friday night, and I am excited to tell you all about it. Tonight I’m tired from a wonderful weekend spent with some of the best friends one could ask for, and the idea of my followers tucked in my pocket … life was good.  Will write tomorrow when I’m rested and fill you in.  Lot to share.
“You’ve Got Mail”
“I hear nothing, not even a sound on the streets of New York, just the beat of my own heart … I have mail”