A follow up on the women

A follow up seems warranted to my last post, a weekend for the women. First, I just want to thank again all of the people who sent their comments and likes, and for those who know me on a personal level, their texts and emails. I was overwhelmed and so appreciative of the response.

It only confirmed something I already believe—that there is such a light in the world even amidst all of the disturbing news day in and day out. The topics were universal, death, loss of loved ones, illness, healing, moving forward, who can’t relate? And while the post was dedicated to the women in the world, I probably had more men respond than women. I love that.

I believe in that light within each of us, and I also am committed to the idea that we all share an energy that moves through us and on to those around us. Even though it isn’t something we can see or touch, it is ever-present and quite powerful.

With that belief in mind, the responses meant more than one might imagine. 

To update, my friend Ann’s mother, Janet, did pass last week. And my niece Wendy was diagnosed with cancer, but thankfully with an excellent prognosis. 

When we arrived home last Sunday, even before these events occurred in the following days, I threw myself on the bed and didn’t move the rest of the afternoon. My energy had been drained. As the week progressed and we received the updates, it certainly wasn’t the news I had hoped for.

The light, though, is what I began to focus on. Midweek I took my hike to the pond that rests about a mile from our house. I like to say it’s a pond posing as a lake. But while it might lack in size, it has no shortage of wildlife. The birds in the trees make such a great ruckus, the fish are always jumping, and I love watching the ducks. It’s a pretty cool little pond. 

As I made my way back from the pond, I was thinking about all of the responses I was getting from my FB blog post. I was walking the hills with little effort, feeling almost elevated. I realized that I was feeling the light that so many people had graciously sent along. And I knew for a fact that the goodwill and positive energy would pass through me and on to my friend Ann and her family, as well as my niece.

We may not be able to scientifically prove it, because there isn’t a machine yet to measure what we humans are capable of transmitting. But I genuinely believe that Ann and her family, as well as Wendy, will move through their challenges a little bit easier thanks to the many people who took the time to read the post and respond. 

And one final follow up since our dinner on Friday night, Paul and Lisa and I have been in constant contact due to my post. It has felt like a labor of love. Paul was excited to share Carrie’s photo and support my blog post, and Lisa so generous with her kindness and understanding that the dinner was complicated for me just by Carrie’s absence.

It turns out that Lisa, too, lost her husband some eight years ago. I didn’t know that at the time of our dinner. Rick had more opportunity to chat with her due to the noise level in the restaurant and probably my need to talk privately with Paul a bit. In hindsight, I remember only the light at our table, making it easier for all of us, the same light that had me walking on air on my way back from the pond.

The paintings attached to this post are Lisa’s work. She considers herself a novice. Matisse was once a beginner until people began to love his work. The two paintings I have included are of her mother, Sylvia. Lisa painted these from photos after her death. The painting on the beach Lisa remembers as a great day they spent at the ocean, her mom sitting in the sand enjoying a beer. The second one was a picture she liked of her mom, but she decided to add a hat. I love the hat. Even though my favorite actress Meg Ryan in “You’ve Got Mail” mentions that all hats are mistakes, I must disagree. I can hear Carrie in my mind, and she would have liked Lisa’s artwork as well as the hat. Carrie loved art.

I chose these two paintings of Lisa’s mother in honor of Ann’s mom’s passing. 

A fond farewell to Janet Ryan, who contributed much to the city of Fresno, a small woman in stature who will be leaving a huge legacy. She will be missed.

You can find Lisa on Instagram at FogCItyWatercolor or at FogCItyWatercolor.etsy.com.


  1. I love the watercolors!
    I do believe that we can pass light between us and totally agree we can support each other with our energy and intentions.
    Thank you!

    • Thank you Ruth Ann!

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