Endings and Beginnings

Good morning, and happy Friday! It’s hard to believe today will begin our last weekend in the training.  Like I said a few posts back, I have such conflicting feelings.  I really am looking forward to having my routine back, but I will certainly miss the group.  Rick and I had our Thursday night dinner date last night (that has become our date night throughout this class) and we spent much of it scheming and planning what comes next.  It is so nice to have the support of loved ones when making changes that require some faith on my part.
Our last weekend will consist of more yoga, of course, and a team event tomorrow.  I don’t think I’ll be crying this time at the event, but I’m sure I will be making up for it on Sunday when we say our goodbyes.  Sunday we will be doing more yoga, wrapping up, and at some point we’ve been promised some amazing pizza.
I will be looking forward to sharing the conclusion of my yoga training class with you all.  This week was a powerful week for me in many ways, and your feedback meant a great deal to me.  Thanks, as always, for tunin’ in and lending your spirits to my adventure.  Sunday as the sun sets we will be getting off at a new station.  It will be interesting to see where the train goes from there, but for a while, it will be nice to rest and catch up with my loved ones.
Have a wonderful weekend.


    • A day late, but thanks so much. Love you, and thinking of you a great deal these days.

  1. Enjoy every minute this last weekend! Proud of you Sissy!😘

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